power of a kind word

Our Story

The year was 1999 and my first computer cost around $3,500 at Radio Shack. It was a Compaq Presario with a 19 inch monitor. The beginning of a strange adventure. 

I have been designing and building websites since 2000. My wife Joan was my partner. Joan went to Heaven on December 17, 2020. I sure do miss her. She had some severe health issues for several years, and I was her full-time caregiver for three years. I was blessed to be with Joan twenty-four hours a day during this time. I took a couple of months off but the bills have to be paid. I’ve found two fantastic young designers/developers to help me through this time. We are ready to rock and get your website built. Are you ready to fly?

Why we are different

We are relatively small and much like a family in the 1960’s. We talk, share, laugh, cry, and often eat together. We love life and enjoy nature. We are carefree and simple folks.

We also know how to build a website that is great looking and very functional, and user-friendly. Search engines like Google and Bing love our websites. Our websites are fast loading and look great on mobile, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

we are different

Super Efficient

We ask you to fill out a Website Questionnaire and give us some examples of websites you like and we design some demos and share, make changes and fine tune to your liking.

Deeply Commited

We care about our clients and strive to design a website that defines you and your business. We want your website to do what it is supposed to do and what you want it to do, whether it educates, sells something, gets leads, or gets clients.

Skill - Knowledge

We stay up to date on coding, SEO, ADA compliance, and security. We keep up on search engine best practices and can help you get exposure for your website when someone is searching for the service or product you offer.